Pretty good at Bubble Woods.. top scorer of all time big-smilie


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Hope your Tday is festive!


beautiful image illustrating your nickname!

Hello my twin, yes, we both older now, thinking of you!

Happy birthday sweetheart...hope u had a wonderful day... rocks love

Happy Earth Day!

Its been a while since I saw your name on a leaderboard. Welcome Back! cool

hey been awhile miss u what u been up too worship

Hope you're having a sweet February!


we had a terrible storm here knocked power out for 5days so my xmas buh humbug i frooze with no xmas dinner miss u too hope your xmas was better than mine lol merry xmas happy new years love

Hope you're having a WARM HOLIDAY!

whistling2 zzz cool

Hi & welcome back! Thought you were in the jungle with Ant & Dec! LOL... Don't know how to send them gif cards like some of your friends have! So I will have to use the smileys for now! Ha! Ha! Elaine big-smilie love big-smilie x

Happy August!

whistling2 lollol cool

sorry im late,i wanna wish u,a very Happy birthday,hope u have the best day ever because u deserve the best,143 my friend love

Unique profile name & avatar. I just played Dora & the Lost City of Gold & saw your name on the leader board. Ahh, so you too are a former Royal Gamer. There's so many of us here! Hope you're having a fun day! cool

I remember you from Royal Games! I used to play pool with you sometimes! :-)