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i just got sent back to zero on mystic, oh well

that update really messed up a lot of our positions and scores in our games. i believe it will be extremely hard to beat your current top score!!!!

thanks for the tip on mystic treasures. do you keep playing in the same slot or use more slots?

how do you get such a high score in mystic treasures with only 21 levels? you have a truly amazing score

Happy New Year, Gott Nytt År to all of you.

Hej! Jo, någorlunda bra. Har dock stött på en del problem med att ange namn i stället för "Player" - frustrerande. Saknar hur RG fungerade en gång i tiden. Abrakadabra var min favorit där. Här har jag hittat några jag gillar, t.ex. Yeti Sports: Pingu Throw. Pröva den om du inte redan gjort det. God Jul!

l totally understand you no problems wishing you a lovely christmas hugs kez ❤️

yes l really like the site l dont think l remember you maybe you had a different username glad you like it on here