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  • male
  • 73 years old


  • musicClassic,opéras.
  • TV showsi don't like TV
  • hobbyread, and walk in the forest or by the sea

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Bonjour, same here X player from! games. smile

Bien joué à Bejeweled ..... surtout si c'est la première fois !

You like Klondike Solitaire, I like it too ! Do you enjoy playing Bejeweled, my favourite game on here ? You're right, I'm missing too challies and don't think it's possible to send games to friends ! What a pity !!! Chantal

Hello to you who come to visit my profile;R-G closed,and enjoying moderately,the site that followed,I tried this one,and I feel good. No advertising, games that suit me, only the challenges I miss, is it possible? I will look!
Classical music, reading,walking,gardening,occupies a good part of my time,and the rest I dedicate to friends.
Auplaisir de vous croiser au coin des jeux(lol)