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I must have nearly used up all my lifelines in Tower Crash as well Anneli - it won't be long before I crash!! I was out last night, so will have fallen behind.

Ooh Sally, I have quite used all my coins in Tower Crash, I hope to can continue the game!! Really great battle!! Girls, don't you want to come with Sally and me????

It's so lonely on this site - I wish we could go back to King! What games are you guys all playing cos I'm not seeing you on any of the scoreboards of games I'm playing!!

Hi Blondellie.........our band is slowly growing!

Hello all. Finally got here permanently.

There is Candy Crush with endless levels, and many solitaire games. I have found some similar but beware the game Spellbound which is making as many words as possible from a letter selection. I couldn't understand why none of my words were accepted until I realised that it was a different language! Good to see you have landed safely!

Hi. What are the best games on here? Are any like on Royal?

That is a surprise score Kathy! Do be warned - I cleared some cookies the other night, including those for 123 and lost all my placings. I have had to start Candy Crush all over again. Sob!

you are doing great on the fairway game sally, i am stuck at -2 and you have a score of 10. i have no idea how that's calculated but congratulations!!!!!

Hey Kathy you are number one today and I am just behind you!

and right now you are number one sally and i am number 3. us royal gamers are the best!! i have been playing candy crush and a mahjong game and some solitaire games

You are at 21 Kathy - which games have you been playing?

eh??!! That must have been beginners luck because you know how rubbish I usually am!

i just saw you at the number one position on scored games today with something like 449. way to go sally!!!!!