Great place to go skiing !!


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  • 46 years old


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  • TV shows Chicago-all three-Yellowstone-1883-New Amsterdam-Good Doctor-The Resident-The Oval-
  • hobbyHiking


  • foodSea Food-Rice Dishes-Home Cooked-Salad's
  • colorNaturally Blue- Medium- Dark- and all of the in between in the Blue Family
  • petsDog
  • don't likePeople with an agenda! Drama! or people who can't handle the truth! last but not least :Peas

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I don't care how many accounts people have !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's people like you who pretend to be another PERSON !! You are BLOCKED !!

I do not know who you are talking about nor do I care !

Ding Dong! The bird is done & so is Lavender trying too hard I guess??? very helpful to get usernames from other players. Try it out some time it might come very useful in the near future... rocks

BRAT LOL smile

Ding Dong lol smile

Ding Dong Take your Time smile

Grew up on it !! But now I mainly use it to make cole slaw smile pretty much. Better 1/2 looked at the pic's, think when he gets time he'll try it. He's a lover of it, from his grandmothers side . Just good to see you feeling like yourself !! Calling off the white coats lol

Thanks and I had the last stuffed cabbage with potatoes today for lunch.Hit me good and tasted fab.

I need his # so I can sign when the white coats come smile ing ! Glad you are feeling up to par and got the right tea !


Finally feeling better after that darn bug I picked up.Got some good juice but guess who got me the wrong tea?? No names but I will trade when goes to store again so I can have Raspberry not Lemon.See ya
in the games.K smile

Far from it. I deleted pic's/Ip's/converse/ on here this mourn from weeks ago. Strange things happen on this site weeks later smile

I see things are fixed and my stuff has appeared.Shame was hoping more for Easter for that bunny.To bad that house wasn't bigger,the bunny could've fit he he

Happy Easter to you!