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Haven't heard much from you these last couple of years, but hope all is well with you, Sheila and your family. Merry Christmas and happy new year's. We are doing good, but husband is going in for a Kidney surgery after the 1st of January.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your husband. Hopefully 2022 will bring us all some better life with time with family and friends. We hope to get to take those trips we have had on the books for the last 2 years. We plan to stay at home New Year's eve, for a couple reasons, (1) we don't like to be out in the madness and idiots on the road and (2) because of Duke, he's really "gun" shy. Have you been playing much here? I have really settled into a few games I like, but it's NOT the same as before with Royalgames.

May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Wishing you a joyous 2022 with your loves ones big hugs coming your way luv kez

Don't worry about that. I had a great da. Hope you had a great day for your birthday.

thank you my lovely friend l had a lovely birthday l hope you had a great birthday and christmas with your family luv kez ❤️

Happy Birthday late my friend Some friends are more precious than gold, and you are definitely one of them hugs kez ❤️

sorty l am very late for your birthday been very busy

you need to use google images To put pics on you write a message .... then you click on the camera below right side ... then put in the LINK to your foto ... and INSERT ..... and ADD the comment

Thank You for such a lovely Christmas Card. If I knew how to do so I would send it back to you. I copied the image and then tried to paste it here. No luck. You have a wonderful Christmas, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year.

my christmas my friend

Bluebird, As you see the user name is "vwracers" not "vwracers154" as previously thought. Where did you go to request the friend, I couldn't find it?

if you click on your avator and where is says upload new avator you need to click choose a file best regarts kez