I am not a Doctor. I came from King.


  • Steve
  • male
  • 58 years old , Nebraska USA
  • 26.10.1965


  • musicJazz Country Some Rap and Hip Hpo
  • moviesGodfather, Good Fellas, American Gangster, Big, Wolf of Wall Street, Scarface
  • TV showsSopranos, Suits, 2 1/2 Men, King of Queens, Daily News, Lester Holt
  • hobbyGolf, Yardwork, College Sports, Big 10, Cooking, Traeger/Blackstone/Weber


  • foodall kinds
  • colorBlue
  • petsdon't have
  • don't likeFood served in Baskets, Cell phones while driving, change in my pocket, dirty car, mean people, cucumbers (unless they're turned into Dill Pickles)


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