Hello, welcome to my profile! I'm a X player from, King.com/Royalgames for over 14 years! We all miss the site in one way or other. but now sadly closed... And thank you for the leader board games from friends here! I like many of them but need practice lol & thanks for cheering me up! Plus I have nothing to hide here & never have in past & I only have one account here no more! Happy gaming too all.. smile smile smile


  • ewowens59
  • female
  • 64 years old , GUESS LOL...


  • musicAll music! :-)
  • moviesFact & Thriller. & The Terminator Movies! & Norman Bates Motel. Ha Ha :-)
  • TV showsEastEnders. Ru Pauls drag race. Mrs Brown's Boys. Lord Sugar the apprentice.
  • hobbyCraft! Crochet.


  • foodHomemade hot curry, pasta & seafood .
  • colorBlack/Pink & Red.
  • petsDon't like spiders! Ha! Ha! :-(
  • don't likeDon't like people with no humour...

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Hey Elaine, I hope you're ok. You came into my thoughts earlier and I wondered how you were doing. Big hugs darling girlie xxxx

To my fiends here! who asked me who Derren Brown was? watch the link at the end of my post!!! I've lost count how many videos he got. Skip the ad's they can be a pain! Enjoy the link.www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4t1r3B_BXo

LOL You! just google Derren Brown (Showman) You will find it very interesting! Best wishes, Elaine smile heart smile

elaine who is this geezer derren brown i have never heard of him !!

Hi "J", alot have happened since I last sent you a message! I'm doing ok thanks! Lovely to hear from you my friend!!! 2024 was not a good start... I will send you a private message very soon! I can't post it here ok, Best wishes, Elaine smile heart smile

We're all fed up with the National News in UK. The strikes are now getting out of hand & more so this time of the year!!! I can't bare to watch it! Watch this guy? Derren Brown (Showman) It is more interesting? I met him many years ago & on stage with him before he become world famous! Goggle him & enjoy! Elaine heart smile heart

Hi E. Hope you are well. Happy new Year to you. I do hope last year was okay and that this year is much better. Love and best wishes to you smile xx

Hi back to you! Have a lovely Christmas & let's hope! 2024 will be a better year for all of us!!! https://usagif.com/wp-content/uploads/gif/sngirru-8.gif Best wishes Elaine heart

Merry Christmas!! heart

Hello my friend, just wanted to say >>https://www.icegif.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/icegif-1887.gif Enjoy! smile

Hi my friend! Thanks for the card gif I call them so cute... It's a pleasure to add you to my friends list! All are from King.com & RG's & known them for years. I joined King.com in 2009 before it changed hands to RG's. There are no pumkins here so I will send you some green monsters! LOL sick "HAPPY HALLOWEN" sick

Just stopped by to say >>https://img1.picmix.com/output/pic/normal/0/6/0/8/11358060_9d25e.gif wink

Hi Elaine, I hope you are doing ok. Sorry I've not said hello, I've had a busy summer. My mum-in-law retired and I've taken over her campsite and feeding all the calves. Now the caravanners have all gone I can have a bit of time to myself. She recently had a hysterectomy and bladder repair so I've been doing all her cooking for a few weeks. Now she's much better and I don't have to think about food all the time! xxx

Hi my friends here! Thanks for all the get well wishes & so on. I got a long journey ahead of me but I will get there! Not home yet & hope I've not taught you bad habbits LOL ??? best wishes Elaine heart X heart X heart

Sorry? does not highlight in blue! I try again if it don't work? it's a safe link 100% Just copy & paste it... I met this guy many years ago before he became world famous!!! I was one of his victims? lol he could control my mind & many others! If you like what you see? follow his links! I still have a photo with him & thanking me for taking part in his show... Here's the link ok & enjoy...www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLCDM9VRo8w

What's it means when you see a double rainbow?
Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity.

It makes you wonder what could be lying at the end of a double rainbow. There may not be a literal pot of gold and leprechaun, but spotting a double rainbow is believed to symbolize wealth, fortune and prosperity. I seen two today!!! smile smile smile

Katie Hopkins in Wales. Well done! We all disagree with it!!! I live a matter of over just 20 miles from the area. Thanks for coming to, South Wales & surpporting us! You're very welome! & hope they never get to stay there! & thanks to the locals who live near there & standing your ground! 100% in Lannelli!!! OUT THEY GO... thumbup thumbup thumbup

Many of you ask what Karate I done? well here is a link! You might think there is contact no! Not allowed in training!!! Only if attacked in the real world first. I got my black belt many years ago now & still have a clean licence. But I must stress? some of these guys got a! 1st/2nd & 3rd dan.www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1pz8pDD6HY

Hi all. I still can't post on my profile? it turns out like a jigsaw puzzle & I can assure it's not me lol! So at the momement I'm still posting in my comment box! Best whishes to all my friends here & vistitors!!! Have fun.
smile smile smile

If not in UK you might not be able to watch it? but you can view it on! I Player. It's the last time! Elton John will preform in UK in Glastonbury Festival 2023
Music Festiva! For certain reasons? I can not post it here sorry it is private to him... Hope you had a great weekend I did! Take care to all that know me!!! cool cool cool xx