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je vois que tu as déjà des amies dans ce site. C'est bien. J'espère que je m'en ferai aussi.

Oh marianne, how in earth you play thatgame of numbers? I did it so and so, could clic two numbers, not always same numbers. Really don't understand how to play it, but got some points anyway!!

Will give it a go but I am pretty useless at it!! Sometimes it doesn't even bother to register my score!! tongue

sure marianne, i'll try knife ninja

thanks for sending the pyramid challenge and right now i have squeezed into first place. this site will work ok if royal really does go away. we can do your kind of sending challenges to a whole group. hope you are well. i am shampooing my carpets and cleaning my house as both my daughters and their boyfriends will be coming for thanksgiving. i hate cleaning the house but i sure do love a clean house!!

hi marianne, so glad you have made it here. congratulations. i believe sally and xanda have made it here as well. i will try to send a group message. i do like candy crush but wish we could challenge our friends.