Still missing the universe I used to belong to. So many friends and it's hard to find them here. But we try. Tend to play the same games that I am comfortable with.


  • Helen Hooper
  • female
  • 75 years old , UK


  • music1960s pop; musical theatre; doo wop; country and folk music from the 1960s and 70s.
  • moviesMusicals; Harry Potter
  • TV showsGreat British Bake Off; Masterchef; The Apprentice; Strictly Come Dancing; Britains Got Talent
  • hobbyNothing these days - just catching up on the TV shows I pre-record.


  • foodItalian;
  • colorBlue
  • petsAn 18 year old cat
  • don't likeRacism; liars; ignorance

Comments (13)

hi nice site u have what i se, hope everything is ok with u? are u a former RG player maybe?

hi nice site what i se here everythings ok i hope

Hi Helen, thank you! Now welcome to all the great players from! King & RG's... Plus all the fun we have here? if you think your humour is crazy? I'm worse trust me? my daughter tells me you need to calm down at my age, I say are you serious? I get worse! Reply from her is? I could not handle you Mam if you came with instructions ha ha. Elaine rocks clap rocks

I love your sense of humour Helen. You cope much betre than me with illness, family and life in general. Your generation was made of sterner stuff. You aee a survivor. I am 60 now, feel about 80 but still a fat funloving wee scottish lassie inside. I call myself a female Peter Pan. The wee lassie that never grew up

helen ,,i think we will all miss you ,dont be gone to long ,,,, best of luck sorting emails and junk,,, you did not say why you had to clean your pc that often ,, anyway i wish you all the best and stay safe xx smile smile

To all my friends on this site. I've only been on it since December 2021, and in that time, I've 'cleaned' my computer maybe three times, with 'Crap Cleaner'. Each time I've cleaned it, thumbdown every game I've enjoyed and played numerous times, has had it's memory wiped and I've been sent back to the start of the whole kit and kaboodle. Instead of relaxing and taking my mind off all my health and family issues, IT'S DOING MY HEAD IN. I'm gonna stop for a while and I'm gonna do something more relaxing..... like going through my late brothers emails and clearing 7000 unwanted pieces of junk. Message me to put my mind back to where it was supposed to be. Thanks.

not a bad game

Hi Helen I hope all is ok with you,fine here,I havent heard from Pippa,sont like this game site much but its all I can find,my job has finished now,well on the 31st but I have a new job as an urgent care driver out of hours taking clinicians to patients houses if they have called 111

A BIG HELLO,I hope all is well x

Greetings Princess Helen. Thank you for accepting my friends request and may I say welcome to our world and wish you all the very best in your endeavours on here. Love & Hugs! Andy! xXx

I've come from a different universe, but in doing so have joined many from my old world. I've only got older, not necessarily wiser. Be kind to me.