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Hi. Have you tried Dream Pet Link 2 (Hard version)? I am stuck with that right now. Try it!

Hi. I haven´t been able to log in for a few days now. Sorry about the result you lost. I can´t understand why though. sad

Hi. I used different slots and just played. Now I can´t do it because the game disappeared for me when the site probably was updated. So now I have to start from scratch again.

Hi. I just play that game over and over again.

Hi. Thank you. I just like that game. big-smilie

thank you marianne!!!!!! i play it just about every day and often guess the word but not always

Congrats for your medals in Word Kathy worship

I am soooo frustrated with level 46 on Candy Crush - just can't get past it!! Two chocolate bars stuck out at the bottom and I cannot get to them. Grrrr.

There you go Kathy, top of the leader board tonight, with me second! Royal gamers are on the ball

Kathy and Marianne, nemmeno io ho capito come si fa fare
Kathy and Marianne, neither I know how to send request of friendsship.

Kathy how did you send the friend request message? I can't work out how to do it! sad

Our last dog refused to wear a coat, but he didn't mind an Equifleece which kept him toasty on cold days.