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  • female
  • 75 years old
  • 10.05.1949


  • musicOver all sixties and country songs + Celtic music and sound of bag pipes.
  • moviesAnyone with Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hanks
  • hobbyGames ...... games ....... games !!!!!


  • foodAsiatic buffets
  • colorblue
  • petspastels tones, light blue, pale pink
  • don't likeRacists, get up early and ....... spinach and offal

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sorry l am a day late for your birthday Happy birthday to you l hope it is as special as you are big hugs coming your way luv kez heart rocks

Bonjour Chantal, now I noticed it was your! * BIRTHDAY * Sorry if I'm a little late, but have a lovely day with family & friends! Best wishes always!!! South Wales in UK. Elaine rocks heart rocks

happy birthday my dear friend ????????????????

Happy Birthday my dear. :-))))))

coucou !! tu as quel pseudo sur facebook ? car j'y suis aussi !!! bisous de la ch'tie kissing

je suis retournée au jeu que tu m'as donné une astuce pour les lettres mais les mots sont tjrs anglais !!! snifff bisous

Hi Chantal, Bonjour I wish you & all your family! Elaine smile smile smile

here is something for you just copy and paste the link

merry christmas

Liked the comment regarding the rooster smile Keep howling and see how he likes being woken up in the night!
As regards Word123...I have always enjoyed word games, but mostly I just wing it.. wink ..thanks for visiting & have a great day.

Hello Chantal.... found you! Helenhoop2 finally finds Littlesparrow2 - through our love of word games. RG has a lot to answer to, eh? Often think about you and dear Glenys. It's over a year, can you believe it? I do hope you are well in sunny France. I also enjoy Word123 - I'm not bad at that either.

Thank you so much for your lovely birthday greeting. I had a lovely day & had loads of cards and flowers, was spoiled a lot !!! Jean x x x
We seem to have a never ending competition on Word finder but you always do better than me LOL !!! heart

Hello Jean ! Thanks for your nice words, you're too kind my friend ! I'm not so clever as you say but first I do like this game (even more than Scrabble !!!) and over all I love words in any language but more in French and English ones ! kissing

Hello Chantal, was playing Word Finder last night every time I got a good score you did better LOL ! It was like a challenge as it is my fav word game ,I play every day. You are very clever ! Jean clap

Hello Jean (Mimosa) ! Just played on Bejeweled (my favourite game) and Word finder (I love a lot although it's hard to beat Bob ! lol) and saw your name close to very good results ! I'm French, my name is Chantal, I'm 72 years old. Would you like being my friend ?

hello Chantal BSR

My dearest Chantal how lovely to see you again. Are you still in contact wutg Guy? Huge hugs and kisses my dear. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To all my friends on here who are also my friends on Facebook : If you like Country Music, go to have a look on my Facebook page : there you'll see and hear my wonderful daughter Laureline singing a very nice Country song. You can even comment if you want, no problem !!! ♥♥♥

Hi Chantal, I've added your new account ;-) Hope you are fine sweetie!!!! I wish you a very nice evening, big hug XXX Tiny

My lovely Marianne, you can erase my Chantal Even account, as you want as actually I can't anymore log on. We must go on getting in touch on here (littlesparrow2 account). Hope you are feeling good, sweetie. Tenderness ♥ Chantal