Life long naturist guy. Like to keep fit and travel. I want to live textile free. Work as accountant. Favourite games - Card games. Looking to make new friends to play with.


  • Daniel
  • male
  • 67 years old , North of England



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hello! I was just popping in to say hello again since you wrote on my page so I'm just answering you on yours so you'd see it. I'm doing well. Just enjoying the spring time! I'm so glad things are getting back to semi normal!! It felt like prison the last two years! It just feels good to get outside again without masks. (I did have covid in December) How are you?

Hi Daniel!

Greetings Sir Daniel. May I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Successful 2022. All the very best to you mate! Andy!!! rocks worship surrender

Hello Daniel,A Merry Christmas ,has you,OK to play,I don’t know how to dedicate!
See you soon.

Life long naturist likes to keep fit and travel.
Like playing card games.
Looking to make new friends to play with here.