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PS Wishing you & yours a merry xmas and all good wishes for 2022. Have got plenty of 'Bloody Marys' in for New Year, hee-hee, yummy!! Chris xx

Yeah i know what you mean. Good Luck with that. Hope it all works out well for you. Dont get too knackered. We dont celebrate it and hate this time of year. We will probably order KFC on Xmas day, same as last 2 years. lol! We keep things simple, eezie peezie & stress free! lol!

hi chris. I think we have both have just been busy with preparing for christmas with one thing & another. Its never ending isnt it. but finally i think i have done it all now, just the fresh veg, milk & bread to get. I wish it was all over. lol. I am setting myself up for the 2 busy days of cooking & more cooking ..Then at the end of it I am fit to drop. then i say on the 3rd day you all are fending for yourselves coz i AINT DOING NOTHING ELSE LOL . I have family coming down on both days. well at least i think i have with this damn covid situation. You just never know what rules they are about to announce do you ?.well i hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, & an even Happier New Year. With love & best wishes Carol x