How to Play Tetris

Tetris is a popular game in which the player tries to assemble blocks from the shapes offered and fill or clear the game field. If you are a fan of Tetris or would like to get to know this legendary game, we have a number of Tetris games for you on play123, which will offer you different challenges and fun. Here you will find the classic version of Tetris as well as new variants with additional features and graphics. Whether you are a novice or an experienced master, you will surely enjoy our rich collection of Tetris games.

Tetris strategy

Playing the online game Tetris is easy, as the player does not need additional tools, and the instructions are not demanding. The player collects points based on the success of stacking geometric shapes, which are randomly created by the computer. In some games, the player places the shapes on the game field from the outside, in others, more classic ones, the shapes enter the game field in a falling manner. The player can rotate or reposition different shapes in many classic Tetris games with commands, and when the player positions the shape in the right position, they can also accelerate its fall with a special command.

Why play Tetris?


Tetris is an arcade puzzle game, the goal of which is to stack shapes. [source]

Because Tetris is an extremely simple game, it is mostly suitable for all generations, while also being extremely interesting in its appearance. The game stimulates logic and memory and is the right choice for a short spice up of the day. As the goal is clear, the strategy for approaching the game is less complex and therefore you don't need special preparation.

This legendary game is a great choice for evening entertainment, with which you want to relieve a strenuous day and finish it carefree.

From classic Tetris to popular TenTrix

On the Play123 portal, we offer you a wide range of different Tetris games, including those that might be blocked somewhere else. You can play classic online Tetris games, such as Tetris and Tetris Flash, or the popular game TenTrix, whose aim is to fill the grid with shapes that you place on the playing field, Tetris Crush is also similar, or say Matching Time, in which you try to combine matching blocks of shapes and thus remove them. We also offer you themed Tetris games, including those with animal motifs, diamonds, candy shapes, as well as completely content-related ones like Alice in Tetrisland, Farming 10x10 or say Super Heroes 10x10.

Why play Tetris on our portal?

In addition to a wide range of various online Tetris games, games on the Play123 portal are free and accessible to everyone. In addition, you can keep track of your results by logging in or joining a particular game. Numerous players on our portal, who enjoy playing Tetris, also like many online puzzle games, we invite you to check them out.

Try beginner's Tetris

If you want to test your skills, we have prepared a special version of the game for beginners. More experienced players will easily master this game and want more challenges.

4 tips for easier playing of the game Tetris

Tip #1: Count the squares in the playing field at the beginning

At the beginning of the game, always check the number of fields in the play area and make a grid in your mind. Because you will know in advance how many fields are available, it will be easier for you to decide on the arrangement and use of geometric shapes. The shapes usually repeat, which facilitates planning and strategic approach to the game.

Tip #2: Plan at least 2 moves ahead

In most Tetris games, when placing the current shape, you see the next two or three shapes. So when positioning the existing shape, think about how to create space for the next one, or the next two. In this way, you will simplify the game, while also ensuring that you don't unnecessarily prevent the placement of the shape that comes next.

Tip #3: You can make up for a lost opportunity in classic Tetris

If you miss an opportunity in the classic Tetris game, where shapes enter the playing field in a falling manner, and don't fill the rows entirely, don't worry. We suggest that in the next two or three lines, pretend that the play area is empty and deliberately use shapes so as to create full lines of shapes again, thus enabling additional points in many games, while also waiting for the shape with which you will fill the first row, which you may not have filled most appropriately at the beginning.

Tip #4: Pay attention to pieces with special power

In many versions of Tetris, both in classic Tetris games and those where you place shapes in the playing field yourself (like 10x10 Tetris), special shapes with extra power often appear. These are shapes that carry a special sign (like a lightning bolt) and when used correctly, they enable you to make an additional move, or erase an entire line, double points, etc. It is smart to use them when you know you will be successful with the move.

Tetris FAQ

When and where was the game Tetris created?

The game Tetris was created in 1980 when Alexey Pajitnov in Moscow at the academy created programs for his computer. He soon programmed this now incredibly popular game at the computer department of the academy on the new Electronika 60 computer. He created the game based on another game with pentominoes that he had bought before. Soon, Tetris began to conquer the whole world, especially when his friend Vadim Gerasimov transferred it to a personal computer the next year, thus promoting the spread of the game in Europe.

How many versions of the Tetris game exist?

The number of versions of the Tetris game varies according to sources, but by some estimates, more than 150 million various copies of Tetris have been sold worldwide to date. This number includes Tetris games for computers, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

By the way, since the creation of Tetris, the game has been sold in more than 520 million copies worldwide, and it has already prompted more than 615 million downloads on mobile phones alone.