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TenTrix - A Game You'll Never Get Tired Of

The online game TenTrix is one of the most popular variations of tetris games, promoting logical thinking.

How to Play TenTrix?

The goal of TenTrix is to arrange geometric shapes into rows (horizontal or vertical) in the game field (10x10) and accumulate points in this way. Three geometric shapes at a time randomly appear next to the game field in which you determine the order of their use, and you can place them anywhere on the game field. When you use all three shapes, new ones appear next to the game field.

The longer you play, the less free space will remain, consequently making the search for the ideal placement increasingly difficult.

What's the difference between TenTrix and Tetris?

The main difference between the two games lies in the freedom of play.

In the classic online Tetris game, you can assemble geometric shapes that fall into the game field from bottom to top. However, in the online game TenTrix, you can place geometric shapes anywhere on the game field and consequently compose rows vertically or horizontally. This presents a different strategy in practice, as this feature gives you a more diverse option for the use of geometric shapes.

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TenTrix Blast is the latest version of the TenTrix game

In addition to the classic TenTrix game, you can find the latest version of this game on the Play123 website, the TenTrix Blast game, which offers additional diversions during play, from a countdown, additional geometric shapes, to a so-called explosive field, which offers you an additional challenge when placing shapes.

The TenTrix game resembles a puzzle game. If you like puzzles, we invite you to check out our wide range of puzzle games on our portal and find the one you like the most.

The possibility of self-improvement

During the TenTrix game, you can track your score on the game field. You accumulate points based on how well you place geometric shapes on the game field (read: the goal is to compose as many horizontal or vertical lines as possible), and the game ends when there is no space left on the game field where you could place one of the three available geometric shapes.

At the moment when the next move is no longer possible, you can also see your final score. The Play123 website allows you to register for free and thus try to improve your previous score with each new game.

Tips for playing the TenTrix game

Tip #1: How to start the TenTrix game?

It's useful to initially fill in the fields on the sides and corners of the game field. This will make it easier to place the upcoming geometric shapes and fill in horizontal and vertical rows faster.

Tip #2: How can you use geometric shapes most effectively?

When using geometric shapes, consider that you can use them anywhere on the game field and adjust their placement to the shapes already placed on the game field.

Tip #3: How to plan your moves?

At the start of the game, it's useful to memorize the different shapes of geometric figures as much as possible, so you'll know what to expect. This will allow you to more easily prepare combinations of placed geometric figures that will match the upcoming ones.

Tip #4: How to get more points in the TenTrix game?

Try to almost completely assemble several horizontal or vertical rows at the same time, leaving the possibility that the last geometric figure will be the one to fill the entirety of multiple horizontal or vertical lines at once.

Tip #5: How to avoid empty fields on the game field?

Since most geometric shapes are larger, avoid empty spaces (1x1) that you won't be able to fill in one move. This is facilitated by the basic feature of the TenTrix game, which allows you to place shapes anywhere on the game field.

TenTrix FAQ

Who is the TenTrix game suitable for?

As it is a simple arcade game, it is suitable for players of all ages.

What is the correct spelling of the game's name?

On the web, you can find various examples of the spelling of this game's name, but all are correct: Tentrix, Ten Trix, or Ten-Trix.

TenTrix Review

Kenji T
Kenji T


Challenging Yet Relaxing - A TenTrix Experience

Jumped into TenTrix thinking it'd be a quick time-waster, but before I knew it, I was strategizing like a pro. The game is a genius blend of simplicity and puzzle challenge. You drag blocks to fill up grids, kinda like a friend mentioned - a Tetris feel with a twist. It's super easy to get the hang of, but don't let the simple concept fool you; it's utterly addictive. There's this satisfying click, like pieces falling right into place in your day. Heard some other players say it gets their brain ticking and I couldn't agree more. Only hiccup? Sometimes I wish there were more power-ups to spice things up. But hey, it's solid for what it is - an engaging puzzle game that keeps you coming back for 'just one more' go. Lol, just don't blame me if your chores get ignored, okay?
Review 20 - TenTrix

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This game is kind of like 10x10 Arabic


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