1010 Jungle Blocks
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Game Description

1010 Jungle Blocks

In this game, you need to pick and drop the set of blocks on the board. After dropping the set, if a horizontal or vertical line of 10 blocks is formed, the blocks will be removed from the board. The more blocks you remove at once, the more score you will get. Don’t let the board be crowded with the blocks. You can play till you are able to fit the existing block sets.

The 1010 Jungle Blocks game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

1010 Jungle Blocks Review

James D
James D


A Swinging Time in the Jungle with 1010 Jungle Blocks


If you're in the mood for a brain workout without wearing your thinking cap inside out, 1010 Jungle Blocks might just be your perfect match. Imagine sitting back, coffee in hand, diving into a puzzle game that's both a slice of cake and a piece of work, all at once. That's 1010 Jungle Blocks for you. With the simple objective of placing block sets on a board to clear lines either horizontally or vertically, it sounds easy, right? Well, here's where the catch lies... It's addictively challenging!

Players from all around have dropped their two cents saying things like 'Is there a way to save the scores to continue later?' and hinting at how brilliant the game is. Good news, fellow gamers, scores can indeed be saved on Play123, making it easier to pause your jungle adventure and pick up right where you left off. Laugh in the face of those tricky blocks, because every cleared line feels like a small victory march in this jungle safari.

While 1010 Jungle Blocks might not be the reinvention of the wheel in the block puzzle game arena, it brings its own little twist to the jungle. With an objective that's clear as day and gameplay that keeps you coming back for just one more try, it's easy to see why it's caught the eyes of many a puzzle enthusiast. Sure, you might find yourself occasionally grumbling when the board fills up faster than a monkey swinging through the trees, but the satisfaction of clearing it is second to none. So, whether you're a seasoned block buster or new to the block puzzle game scene, give 1010 Jungle Blocks a whirl. It's a jungle out there, but in here, it's just plain fun.

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It saves scores automatically

to James D: care to explain how scores can be saved?

Is there a way to save the scores to continue later?

brill games this


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