Train 2048
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Game Description

Train 2048

Grab your train ticket and hop onboard of the most fun 2048 games you've ever traveled with. Help the train driver feed the train's engine with coal to rush over the tracks and travel the whole world! In order to do that you have to match fitting number blocks with each other. Each match will provide the engine with some coal. But the train is still not fast enough for your taste? Try to create huge combos using your own skill or the powerful power-ups. Use the balloon to lift numbers blocking your matches, or throw a bomb onto the field to cause a massive explosion. So let's grab control of the train, travel the world and reach the biggest high score!

The Train 2048 game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Famobi

Train 2048 Review



Chugging Along with Fun and Challenge

Recently had a chance to play Train 2048, and it's a quirky twist on the classic 2048 puzzle mechanic. The goal of feeding coal to the engine by matching number blocks adds a fresh layer of strategy. While some friends found it tricky to maneuver combos, the power-ups like balloons and bombs spiced things up. Though the train's pace could test your patience, it's rewarding when you hit the right moves. Also, if you're smitten with number puzzles, check out 2048 for a similar brain workout. Overall, a neat little game to kill time and challenge your brain.

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