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Game Description


In this fun version of the 2048 hit game your task is to combine colors and earn as many points as possible. Move same-colored tiles together to create a new color. Try to keep your tiles in a corner and plan ahead.

Game Developer: Famobi

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Prism Review



Engaging Twist on a Classic Puzzle Challenge


As an avid puzzler, I found Prism to be a refreshing variation of the well-loved 2048 game, blending familiar gameplay with a vibrant twist. Combining colors instead of numbers offers a visually pleasing experience, echoing sentiments from fellow players about the game's unique charm. The objective—merge tiles of the same color to evolve the palette and hike up your score—is engaging and requires strategic forethought, especially with maintaining tiles in a corner to maximize potential moves.

While it's undeniably fun and addicting, I appreciate the layer of challenge that keeps each session fresh and urges you to surpass your previous high score. The pursuit to unlock all colors delivers a gratifying sense of progression. Overall, Prism encapsulates the essence of a puzzle game that's easy to grasp but offers enough depth to keep players of all levels coming back for more. It's a testament to the game's balance of simplicity and complexity, ensuring it's neither too easy nor insurmountably difficult – a truly smart way to spend free time.

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