2020 Connect
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2020 Connect

The player’s task is to place at least four blocks with the same number on it next to each other so they get merged. 2020 Connect takes the best ideas of games like Merged and 2048 and turns it into a total blast. Merging more than four blocks will reward you with coins that later can be spend to purchase cool boosters. Take your time, plan ahead and think for a long as you need to, there is no hurry. Play 2020 Connect now for free! How far can you make it? Will you be able to get the legendary 8192 blocks to merge?

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2020 Connect Review

Digital Nomad Dave
Digital Nomad Dave


2020 Connect Strikes a Balance Between Challenge and Fun

When I first dipped into 2020 Connect, it felt like a blast from the past with a fresh twist. Slapping those blocks together felt satisfying, especially when I got past four and snagged some shiny coins. I’ll admit, it doesn't reinvent the merge-game wheel, but borrowing the best bits of Merged and 2048? Genius. Boosters were a welcome crutch on a bad day, although I wish I didn't have to play Scrooge with my coins so much. Got a friend who's all about planning? They might just dig the no-time-pressure vibe. But warning: it’s a bit like potato chips; once you merge, you can't swerve. And aiming for that legendary 8192 block? Let’s just say, easier said than done. For those who are into these brain teasers, check out 2020 Connect and see if you can outsmart your own high score. Hint: it's more about strategy than speed, folks.
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