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2248 is an awesome puzzle game in which you must use your logic and maths-solving skills to match together a series of numbers in a grid. You must reach the end figure of 2248 - slowly combine tiles together to build up your number and steadily work towards the end figure.

The 2248 game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

2248 Review

James D
James D


A Casual Stroll Through Numbers in 2248


After spending some quality time with 2248, I've got to say it's a delightful challenge for the brain, especially if you pride yourself on having some sharp math skills. The premise is straightforward yet engaging - combine tiles to reach that elusive number, 2248. It's a bit like baking a complex dessert; you need the right ingredients (numbers) in the right order. And just like in baking, patience and strategy are key.

The game promises an awesome puzzle experience, encouraging players to use logic and maths-solving skills, which it delivers on. The journey towards 2248 is sprinkled with victories and head-scratchers, making it a mixed bag of emotions. From the comments on the site, though, it seems like the game has been a hit or miss in terms of loading, but when it gets going, it truly shines.

What really caught my eye was the ability to save scores on Play123, adding a dash of competition to the mix. It's like telling your friends, "Beat that!" without actually saying it. And who doesn't love a bit of friendly rivalry?

Pros: It's a mental workout wrapped in a fun, digital package. Plus, the score-saving feature adds a competitive edge. Cons: Some players might find the tile-combining a tad repetitive over time, and there've been rare hiccups with game loading. Still, these are minor blips on an otherwise enjoyable experience.

Oh, and here's something to chew on - if 2248 was a time, would you be late, early, or just incredibly confused? Because I'd be the latter, trying to solve it instead of checking the clock!

Review 454 - 2248

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