Elimination Digitale
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Game Description

Elimination Digitale

If you like matching games, you will enjoy playing Digital Elimination game, whose gameplay should amaze you! As with all other 2048 games, your goal is to combine the elements to get the highest number possible. You have to stack these elements in different columns and try not to block the board. 2048 is just one step in this game. Try to reach 8192 to see if it's your turn.

The Elimination Digitale game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Elimination Digitale Review

Kenji T
Kenji T


Digital Delight – A Fresh Spin on 2048!


As a fan of puzzle games, Elimination Digitale genuinely surprised me with its clever twist on the classic 2048 format. The goal is to strategize and combine numbers to achieve higher values, pushing beyond the typical 2048 target to reach 8192, which adds a challenging layer to the game.

Feedback from fellow gamers on Play123 reflects a shared enthusiasm, with many applauding the game's addictive nature and calling for more games of similar caliber. The ability to save scores amps up the competitive edge. While the gameplay can initially seem a bit overwhelming, the satisfaction of smashing your previous high score is unbeatable. It's a great choice for anyone looking to test their strategic thinking and have some fun along the way! puzzle-piece

Game Comments

A B S O L U T E L Y !!!!! I agreee !!!

this is a brilliant game ,one of the best on this site ,lets have more like it


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