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Game Description


The aim of the game is to remove dice whose total sum is 7.

Click on submit to add your score to the leaderboard.

The Sevens game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

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Sevens Review

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A Delightful Dice Challenge with Sevens


After spending some quality time with Sevens, I must say it's an inviting brain exercise wrapped in a simple, yet engaging package. The premise of removing dice to achieve a sum total of seven keeps the gray cells buzzing without overcomplicating your gaming session. The leaderboard feature adds that competitive spice as you click 'submit' to flaunt your score.

Online peers have echoed sentiments of enjoyment and ease of play, urging for more of such charming distractions. With predominantly positive echoes, like 'nice game easy to play,' and 'excellent game,' players seem to relish in this numeric nirvana. The opinion consensus celebrates the user-friendly nature and the 'très bon' (very good) gameplay experience.

As for me, my time with Sevens has been delightful, offering just the right balance of mental engagement and casual gaming allure. A bit of a brainy ballet with dices, this one's a neat addition to any casual gamer's daily unwind.

Review 393 - Sevens

Game Comments

Love this game but it's annoying when the die rolls under the dot on the side and you can't press it


thanks littlesparrow2 ,glad you like it as well

absolutely Mr Bradley, you're right, excellent game !!!

oui très bon jeu !!! bravo

nice game easy to play ,,,,it would be great to have more games like it


Number of votes: 10