Word Finder
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Word Finder

Find as many words as you can before running out of time -- choose a language and keep an eye on the letters. Put your skills to test!

The Word Finder game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Word Finder Review

James D
James D


A Delightful Tangle of Words with Word Finder


So, I took a crack at Word Finder on Play123, and guess what? It’s like hopping into a digital jungle of letters where your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to unearth as many words as you can before time runs out. It’s a riot, especially when you’re playing against the ticking clock. Plus, you can play it on your PC or mobile, making it a perfect pick-me-up during those dull moments.

I noticed a couple of fellow gamers mentioned that the game ends a tad too abruptly, making it a challenge to bask in the glory of your high scores. Also, there seems to be a bit of a mystery with the scoring system, but hey, that just adds to the fun, doesn't it? A bit of unpredictability in a game never hurt anyone.

On the flip side, the ability to choose languages adds a nice touch of spice to the challenge, making it ideal for word buffs looking to flex their linguistic muscles. And yes, you can save your scores on Play123, adding a sweet competitive edge as you try to outdo yourself or your friends.

In short, Word Finder is a delightful brain tease. It’s like a playground for your grey cells, minus the scraped knees. If you're looking for a casual game that tests your word skills, give this one a whirl. Just be ready for its quirkey way of keeping you on your toes!

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I agree. No way I get the exact same score every time.

The game closes too quickly. It is impossible to see the result


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