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Enjoy an addictive game that has half the internet hooked and discover what generates so much interest to have become the first viral game of 2022! Immerse yourself in a word guessing game, with a crossword format and really simple mechanics. Write random 5-letter words on the board and pay attention to the letters that will appear marked in gray, green, or yellow.

If you delete cookies on your computer, the game will begin from the start.

The Words123 game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Words123 Review

Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma


Word Game Enthusiasts, Get Ready to be Challenged!

It's addictive.

Dove into Words123 and was hit by a wave of cozy brain-teasing fun. It's like a literary Sudoku where you conjure up 5-letter words and discover hints marked in a medley of grey, green, and yellow. A few fellow puzzlers mentioned issues with score resetting on different devices, a hiccup worth noting, yet others seem to conquer ranks with pure gusto. Perfect for those craving a tougher nut to crack compared to other word games – it’s a laugh, albeit sometimes a facepalming journey through the oasis of letters!

It's unintentionally intuitive, essentially solving the easy to learn yet hard to master concept which has created some of the most impactful and most complex games

Game Comments

Is it me, or has this game ceased to be playable?

Bonjour à tous, venez jouer à Klondike, jeu de patiente formidable que j'aime beaucoup. Merci. tongue

Bonjour ,venez jouer à frondine klondike jeu de patience formidable que j'aime beaucoup. heart

Not even registering the score. Two days now. No changes on my end.

Back to the beginning....AGAIN!...Ahhh well...sad

On August 20th the Administrator wrote:
"We changed the domain name and that is why some of you are experiencing the problems with scores. We are very sorry for that, but we also promise that this is the final change"
--- so much for it being the final change! I saw that so many of you were back at a score of one, but knew something was up as soon as the "instruction" popup came up like I'm new to this game. I guess I'll be reset as soon as I play today as well.

I'm back at zero again! Who are the morons who run this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is SO annoying. I've not cleared cookies my end so what have they done!!!

OMG! It just reset my score at zero again!!!!

C'est la première fois que je gagne la partie en faisant deux mots ,merci beaucoup. heart

08/27/23: was the hardest word spelling to pull out of the cobwebs of my mind. faceplant


I'm relishing 8/21/2023, Noon, the only likely day and time I'll ever be at the top, lol, so yippee!! rocks innocent

We changed the domain name and that is why some of you are experiencing the problems with scores. We are very sorry for that, but we also promise that this is the final change. faceplant

404 Not Found
This was what I came to when I clicked on my bookmarked tab. The site had changed from play123.in, to play123.com, to playground123.com, which is what I had bookmarked and been playing on. So today I put the address in as play123.com; it accepted but MADE me do the cookie thing again which put me back to starting all over again! Apparently this site is continually changing owners or website name registration, and I don't like it making me start all over again! angry

I am using the same lap top. Have changed nothing. Played this yesterday and today I am back to one. P F T ! 123

@Cayote Plus, try again, I just now tried to do the game on my PC; I was reduced to #1 here, too, but when I played; believe it or not, I actually couldn't remember the right word on my Fire game, untill I hit on three letters, then I remembered and confidently put in the right word, which did put me back into about where I've been lately: usually between 7 and 11 rank. So I guess they fixed it on this end to use my PC; I will NOT, however, play any Play123 games on my #10 Fire HD anymore.

Eva...I am in the same position as you!. I was on 82 points...and now am back to 1....Hopeless!

I'm so angry with the people who put this game here. I thought they would fix this problem of RESETTING YOUR GAME PLAY WHEN YOU SIGN IN ON ANOTHER MACHINE, I.E.,SO, SINCE IT HAS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I WAS RESET, I TRIED TO PLAY ON MY MY FIRE TABLET AGAIN TODAY AND ! LOST MY PLACE AND AM BACK TO 1! blush sick thumbdown and I was signed in correctly with correct password. PLEASE FIX THIS AND LET US KNOW YOU HAVE DONE SO! THANK YOU!!!

j'aime ce jeu. wink

Has anyone ever guessed the word on the first try? I'm just curious!! I got it on the second try once, but that's it!

Yes, it reset my score a few months ago. I was on 337 then. I have played on a few game sites, Royal Games, Arkadium, Game Desire. to name a few....but if you want a site that really screws up you can't beat Play123!

Looks like it reset the scores! I feel terrible for people who had been playing for a long time! Not even an apology !

To#$!!% with this game. I DID NOT START OVER!!! I will not play again. byeee


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