Classic Hangman
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Game Description

Classic Hangman

You will have to discover the hidden word before you accumulate so many failures that you complete the hangman. The scripts will indicate the number of letters that make up that word and we must use the alphabet to select the letters one by one. If it is correct you will see its position in the word but, if it is not, you will add a fault to your marker and the figure of the hangman will begin to be completed. Discover the hidden word before accumulating eight faults or you will complete the hangman and you will have lost the game. Accumulate successes to get a great score and challenge your friends to beat you.

The Classic Hangman game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Playtouch

Classic Hangman Review

Pixel Queen
Pixel Queen


A Classic Twist with Classic Hangman


As a casual gamer, Classic Hangman brought back all the nostalgic feels with a digital twist. It strikes the perfect balance between challenging and fun as you guess letters to reveal hidden words. With each wrong guess, the stick figure on the gallows grows, adding a light-hearted tension to the gameplay.

Feedback from fellow players highlighted the multi-language feature, which is great for non-English speakers. Though some wished their high scores were displayed, I found the scoring system on Play123 kept me striving to outdo myself. The game runs smoothly on both my PC and smartphone, which is fantastic for puzzle-solving on the go.

Pros: Multi-language support, smooth gameplay on various devices, and a user-friendly interface. Cons: Some players might miss seeing a leaderboard for an extra competitive edge.

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Game Comments

sad oui aucun score ne s'affiche mais il est en français pour les mots !!!

excellent jeu,dommage qu'il n'y ai pas de score enregistré.

Quel dommage qu'aucun score ne soit enregistré !!!!! :-(


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