Get 10
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Game Description

Get 10

Find and connect numbers to reach the highest number and score. Every higher number is a new challenge. How high can you get?

The Get 10 game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Famobi

Get 10 Review



Engaging Number Puzzle Awaits in Get 10


I recently had a delightful time trying out Get 10, a number puzzle game that challenges your brain in a fun and engaging way. The objective is simply captivating: you find and connect numbers to climb to the highest one and rack up your score. With each level, I found a new puzzle to solve, making it quite an intriguing journey to see how far I could go.

As I played, I noticed that Get 10 is more than just matching numbers; it's a real brain teaser. It’s like a little math workout, wrapped in a colorful package. When I matched the numbers, there was this satisfying sensation and anticipation for the next move. Plus, players seem to share this sentiment, with comments indicating the game's surprising complexity and the good fun they had while figuring out their next strategy.

Also, it's cool that the game has scores enabled, and you can save your achievements right here on Play123, giving a sweet taste of competition as you aim for that high score. While playing, I could see why matching the numbers has never been so fun for many players...

In summary, Get 10 is a neatly packaged puzzle game that’s easy to understand yet provides a decent challenge. It’s captivating for a quick game yet deep enough for longer play sessions. It's clearly designed with a positive gaming experience in mind.

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@bradley61 thanks hottie innocent

this game is brilliant its much harder than it looks good luck if you try it


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