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0h n0

Similar to game classics like Minesweeper, your goal in the logic puzzle 0h n0 is to figure out how many blue and red dots are on the field. The rules are simple: blue dots can see others in their own row and column, their numbers indicate how many. Red dots always block their view. Solve the puzzle and find all the dots' correct positions to complete the grid in this challenging brain teaser!

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Game Developer: Famobi

0h n0 Review

James D
James D


A Brain-Teasing Puzzle with Colorful Twists


Have you ever found yourself craving a puzzle experience that's a blend between simplicity and complexity? Look no further than 0h n0, a brain tickler that might just color you impressed and slightly perplexed. Imagine taking the classic vibe of Minesweeper and splashing it with a vivid coat of blue and red – that's the visual treat you get here.

The rules are delightfully straightforward: you've got a grid, you've got blue dots you can count on, and red dots that love playing peekaboo. But don't let the minimalist design fool you; the challenge escalates quickly, with blue dots indicating the number of other blues they can 'see'. Meanwhile, those pesky red dots block your view faster than a mischievous sibling.

I dove in, thinking I'd be outsmarting this logic teaser in no time. Turns out, I had to tip my hat to the creators as the puzzles made me scratch my head more than once – it's no walk in the park. And based on the murmurs from the gaming community, I'm not the only one who experienced a mix of 'ah-ha!' and 'oh-no!' moments. Users have found this thrilling puzzle game quite a think piece, something fresh and fun to dive into between daily tasks.

While the game won't have you on the edge of your seat, it's a delightful mental jog that's worth a shot. Plus, with scores to save and brag about on Play123, you might find yourself quietly competing with other puzzle aficionados. You're in for an engaging time with 0h n0, where the blues and reds will indeed have you seeing colorful patterns in your dreams.

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