Angry Flappy Wings
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Game Description

Angry Flappy Wings

Flap your tiny wings and try to fly as far as you can with your angry little bird in this action-packed skill game. Fire bullets to remove trees and clear the way. Be careful - if you collide with any objects, the game is over! Collect powerful boosters and fight against mighty bosses who try to shoot you out of the sky. Play as a single player or in two-player mode with a friend on the same device to double the fun. How far can you go?

The Angry Flappy Wings game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Famobi

Angry Flappy Wings Review

Pixel Queen
Pixel Queen


Soaring with Excitement in Angry Flappy Wings


My time with Angry Flappy Wings has been an exhilarating blend of challenge and joy. Navigating the feisty bird through obstacles by just a tap, while also having the twist of shooting down barriers, makes for an engaging experience. The power-ups are a game-changer, often aiding in getting that extra distance to beat a high score or a formidable boss.

It's even more enjoyable in two-player mode, where the screen-sharing aspect brings in friendly rivalry and laughter. Sure, a few players have experienced sudden falls of their birdy, citing clear skies ahead, but such surprises may be part of the game's unpredictable charm. It's worth noting that the game saves scores, adding a layer of competition among us. With mostly positive feedback from other gamers, it's clear that Angry Flappy Wings captivates with its simple yet tough-to-master mechanics. A flight worth taking...

Review 157 - Angry Flappy Wings

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