Euro Penalty Cup 2021
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Game Description

Euro Penalty Cup 2021

Become a player of Europe's best teams and lead your team to victory in this tough competition. How to play is rather simple: Try to hit the goal and outsmart the goalkeeper with crazy trick shots. But don't celebrate to early! Of course, you'll have to defend your goal as well, try to predict your opponents shots and watch out for the red indicator, which might give you a useful hint. So grab your soccer shoes and fight your way to the grand finale! Do you have what it takes to become Europe's best soccer player?

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Game Developer: Famobi

Euro Penalty Cup 2021 Review



A Whimsical Kick at Soccer Stardom with Euro Penalty Cup 2021


Kicking off my virtual soccer journey in Euro Penalty Cup 2021 felt like stepping into the boots of Europe's finest, sans the grass stains. The game serves a platter of excitement, drenched in the spirit of Europe's grand football fiesta. With a straightforward aim - to outsmart the keeper and score those eye-widening goals - I found myself developing a love-hate relationship with the controls that felt a tad unresponsive at times, much to the amusement of my game-night crew who equally reveled and riled at the challenge.

Defending the goal was a hoot, with working up a knack for predicting opponent moves by reading the subtle 'red indicator' hints. It was like a mini psychic test before every kick, leaving me feeling part mischief, part maestro. The server did hiccup occasionally, leading to an impromptu 'lag dance' celebration by some fellow players - they have an intriguing way of finding humor in every pixel hiccup!

And oh, storing my heroic (and sometimes not-so-heroic) scores on Play123 added a dash of competitiveness to the mix. Euro Penalty Cup 2021 has its quirks, but for the armchair strategist and wannabe soccer legends, it's a lively arena to showcase those penalty-kicking reflexes...

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