Greedy Rabbit
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Game Description

Greedy Rabbit

The little rabbit can't get enough of delicious vegetables! Help the greedy little furball collect all the healthy treats in this cute platform game. Find a way through challenging levels and avoid dangers like spikes and crumbling platforms. Can you complete all levels with 3 stars and fill the rabbit's stomach?

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Game Developer: Famobi

Greedy Rabbit Review



Balanced Take on Greedy Rabbit

Recently hopped into Greedy Rabbit, a platformer that's all about munching veggies and chasing stars. Gameplay's easy to pick up with each level bringing a fresh challenge. Some levels felt repetitive, but with a mix of strategy and timing, there's fun to be had. It's not groundbreaking, but my pals found it pretty addictive, playing through levels with growing enthusiasm. A decent pick for casual gamers looking to kill some time.

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