Hex Blaster
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Game Description

Hex Blaster

Blast away all of the hexagons in this fun online arcade game. Stop any of the blocks from reaching the bottom as you shoot your balls upwards. Collect power-ups to help reach a high score. Endless mode and level mode to master with a lot of skins and upgrades to unlock.

The Hex Blaster game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Hex Blaster Review

Kenji T
Kenji T


Blasting Fun with Strategic Twists in Hex Blaster


My time with Hex Blaster has been surprisingly addictive. The game's simple premise – taking aim to clear an array of colorful hexagons – is elevated by the strategic need to prevent any blocks from reaching the bottom. Whether I'm in it for a quick play or a marathon session, the endless mode and various levels keep things engaging. The power-ups are game-changers and their timely appearance often pulls me back from the brink of defeat.

I'm not the only one bewitched; someone nailed a whopping 23,367 points, while I've seen another player hit 80k! Talk about setting the bar high. Their enthusiasm is catching; I mean, who knew geometry could be this fun? The option to unlock different skins and upgrades creates a reward loop that entices you to come back for 'just one more game'. Plus, saving your high scores on Play123 adds that competitive edge we casual gamers love to indulge in.

A tip for fellow blasters – keep your eyes peeled for those power-ups, they can turn the tide in your favor. And just when you think you've got a handle on it, remember, the game avoids monotony by throwing unexpected challenges your way. It's like trying to keep a set of unpredictable cats herded – good luck with that!

In summary, Hex Blaster is one of those games that keeps players engaged with its simplicity and depth. As you progress, the game evolves, ensuring that your blaster skills must too. It’s a delightful challenge that I highly recommend for anyone looking to pass the time with an engaging arcade game. Oh, and for those wondering about my high score... Let's just say, I'm getting hexa-high on trying!

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that isnt possible

i got 80k

But how?????????????

How did i get 23,367????


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