Mahjong 3D
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Game Description

Mahjong 3D

Select two of the same free 3D tiles. A tile is free if it has at least two adjacent free sides with images. You can rotate your view with the arrows on your screen or the arrow keys.

Click on end game/submit score to add your score to the leaderboard.

The Mahjong 3D game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Zygomatic

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Mahjong 3D Review

Kenji T
Kenji T


An Engaging Twist on Classic Mahjong


I recently delved into the world of Mahjong 3D, a game that offers a modern twist to the conventional Mahjong experience. With its challenging 40 levels, this game entertains not only me but a number of players who've shared their experiences online. Some found it time-consuming yet satisfying, while others expressed how it became a delightful daily ritual to conquer the leaderboard.

Although at times the shifting tiles tested my patience, I relished the chance to strategically rotate my view to find those matching 3D tiles, each with at least two adjacent free sides. Plus, the added option to save my high scores on Play123’s leaderboard only pushed me to improve and keep my game sharp. For those of us with a taste for a lengthier puzzle session, Mahjong 3D hits the mark, presenting itself as a compelling blend of strategy and spatial awareness. brain

Review 138 - Mahjong 3D

Game Comments

yes number one ,,you have done very well , i dont know how you do it ,,well done ,,,

i love this game - im number 1 - i play it every day

Not only is it time consuming (I had forgot I had played this one before) the dang thing moves by itself in the middle of making a choice. I think that's annoying. angry

Yeah, I'm @ level 21, I just don't have the patience to play the rest of the levels, so I'm abandoning my game @ 156,526 & let that timer run out. I'm tired of playing it, I prefer shorter games. wierd

This is a hard one for me

Wow, this is one time consuming game! ohmy2


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