Mahjong Classic
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Game Description

Mahjong Classic

The classic version of Mahjong always has 144 tiles and 5 layers in the shape of a pyramid. One of the features is that the game keeps track of the players best time so they can track their improvement.

The Mahjong Classic game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

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Mahjong Classic Review

Digital Nomad Dave
Digital Nomad Dave


A Relaxing Tile-Matching Challenge with Mahjong Classic


Stepping into the tranquil world of Mahjong Classic, I find myself greeted by the familiar set of 144 tiles arranged thoughtfully into a five-layered pyramid. It's a digital take on the traditional game that has always been a go-to for some mindful relaxation. One aspect that stands out is the game's ability to keep track of my best time, igniting that spark of competition against myself to improve with each round.

I've observed mixed feelings about the score registration among fellow players; with some having trouble getting their scores on the leaderboard, while others find no issue after some persistence. It's heartening to see scores like those mentioned in our community's comments being showcased consistently, inspiring me to aim higher in my own strategy. That said, it seems efforts to beat the best time can sometimes become as elusive as a cat when you're trying to give it a bath.

Nonetheless, for enthusiasts looking to indulge in this classic pastime, Mahjong Classic offers a straightforward, no-frills experience that admirably captures the essence of Mahjong. While it may not be without its quirks, the joy in methodically matching the beautiful tiles often feels as rewarding as finding that one missing sock after laundry day. Plus, the ability to save scores on Play123 is an added bonus.

In summary, Mahjong Classic serves up the timeless game with a digital bow, suitable for both practiced players and those new to the Mahjong scene, just don't forget to give the F5 key a little love if your score seems shy. mahjonghourglass-not-done

Game Comments

Broken game...again!!!

humm can't get it to register my score today..usually the F5 key works..oh well

all seems to be okay now

Humm can't get it to register my score today. I tried it with 4 different games using the F5 key and the "X" end game keys. no go

Goatwillow 921 Susan 896 we've had these score registered on the daily leaderboard for the last 4 months. Every day same score. I wonder what our real scores are each day arrggggg crazy


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