Monster Snake
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Game Description

Monster Snake

Help the monster snake slither through each level to devour all the tasty treats! Eat all the food to complete each level and prepare for the next challenge

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Monster Snake Review

Pixel Queen
Pixel Queen


A Sweet Twist on Classic Slithering Fun


Navigating through the tasty world of Monster Snake, I found myself charmed by the simplicity and nostalgia of this classic snake game remake. Like many others, the goal to eat all the cupcakes and avoid colliding with my ever-growing tail brought back a comfortable sense of retro gaming. The controls were intuitive and responsive, perfect for quick gaming sessions.

However, it looks like there is a slight hiccup with the achievements, a sentiment echoed by fellow gamers who've faced similar challenges. Despite this hiccup, the game's appeal is in its straightforward design and the delightful objective to devour cupcakes for points, which can be proudly displayed on the leaderboard here on Play123. So, if you're in for a bite of nostalgia and don't mind a few snakebites along the way, this game might just hit the sweet spot. Oh, and remember, even a monster snake can't resist cupcakes - unless it's on a diet!

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