Om Nom: Run
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Game Description

Om Nom: Run

Run alongside Om Nom in his famous adventure, now finally in immersive and full-responsive HTML5. Try to run as far as possible by avoiding the dangerous obstacles and enemies, collect all coins and transform Om Nom into the fastest runner possible. Use the power-ups as smart as possible to explore the beautiful world with all it's beautiful areas, but be aware of the dangers that lurk inside of them. Are you ready to explore the world of Om Nom Run and reach the highest of highscores?

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Game Developer: Famobi

Om Nom: Run Review

Kenji T
Kenji T


Fast-Paced Fun with an Adorable Twist

Just dived into Om Nom: Run and it's pretty much what I needed for my casual gaming fix. The gameplay's straightforward but addicting, with Om Nom dashing through vibrant levels, snagging coins like they're going outta style. Literally tripped over my own excitement - and those in-game obstacles! Other folks seem to dig the power-ups that mix up the pace. But yeah, gotta admit, those 'beautiful dangers' keep me on my toes. Anyone else feel like those collectibles are mocking us with their cheeky grins?
Review 59 - Om Nom: Run

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