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Shuigo is a free mahjong connect game in which you match up pairs of fruit. Create pairs by clicking on adjacent blocks, or blocks that can be linked together via an open path. Clear the board to advance to the next level!

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Shuigo Review



Juicy Fun with a Dash of Challenge - Shuigo Review


If you've got a hankering for a puzzle that's sweeter than a bowl of fruit salad on a summer day, then strap in for Shuigo. This free mahjong connect game had me matching fruit pairs faster than you can say 'banana split'! It's simple: click on those adjacent blocks or ones that can be linked with a path as clear as my grandma's kitchen counter. Trust me, it's more addictive than grandma's secret cookie recipe.

A couple of fellow gamers were craving a score card to spice things up – a dash of scoreboard might just be the cherry on top. Nonetheless, the gameplay is as smooth as a ripe mango and as satisfying as crunching into a fresh apple. Clearing that board and advancing to new levels felt like squeezing every last drop out of an orange... just delightful!

All in all, Shuigo is the kind of game that doesn't just connect fruit, it connects people – with a sprinkle of healthy competition and brain-teasing fun. It's a fruitful endeavor that keeps you coming back for just... one... more... level...

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Would like to see a score card also!

Good game . pity no score card . Would make it better


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