Stack Smash
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Game Description

Stack Smash

Then test yourself on 'Stack Smash' and prove your skills! Destroy all platforms to get to the ground and win! But watch out! If you touch black platforms the game is over. But even these are not safe from a ball at maximum speed. So use clever timing and adjust your strategy round by round!

The Stack Smash game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Famobi

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Stack Smash Review

Digital Nomad Dave
Digital Nomad Dave


A Mixed Experience with Stack Smash

Stack Smash seemed like a fun challenge at first, promising a test of skills and strategy as I aimed to obliterate all platforms and reach the ground. The concept is simple: avoid black platforms or it's game over, and adapt your strategy as you go. However, it wasn't long before the thrill turned a bit frustrating. Like some others have mentioned, glitches can be a real party pooper — a screen freeze here, and unexpected glitch there, and sometimes it felt like playing whack-a-mole with a chance of the game breaking at higher scores.

And oh, trying to play on Safari? Might as well watch paint dry. Chrome’s not much better; after one run, it straight up gave up on me. When the game works, that rhythmic smashing is sort of addictive, but when the glitches hit, you can't help but feel a pinch of annoyance. I mean, stacked right at the bottom from the get-go? Talk about a surprise party that no one wants. A bit more tinkering under the hood, and Stack Smash could really shine.

Game Comments

thumbs down for this game it does not work correctly

les scores ne s'affichent pas bien sinon jeu addictif

Got to 5250 before the game broke again. New glitch:

I have a work around for the red screen. After finishing a level look down to the right for the little blue refresh button. Watch it blink twice before hitting the button for the next level. This seems to work when not waiting often ends the game.

Wish I could upload a video. The bottom checkerboard is rotating and the red ball is sitting there. Another glitch in this program.

Ran one (1) time on Chrome and would never load again.
Will not run at all on Safari. Intro screen followed by ad and repeats... and repeats ... etc.

crashed Firefox and then a few games later it started a the bottom of the stack!?! Needless to say it did not work.

third try got red screen at 685 this happened twice. I was about to break the highest score but didn't get to play the next screen. the second time was the next game and it stopped at about 1100-ish... this is really annoying since i had the game pegged.


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