Ball Puzzle
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Game Description

Ball Puzzle

If you want to exercise your brain and increase your ability to think, then try this simple yet addicting puzzle game. It is a classic, but with a modern and challenging twist.

Game Developer: Inlogic

Ball Puzzle Review



Engaging Puzzler That Sharpens Your Wits


Embarking on Ball Puzzle has been an unexpectedly challenging journey into a world of strategic movement and mental exercise. Following the game's premise of using sliding tiles to guide a ball to its destination, I found the twist of immovable iron tiles adding a layer of complexity that demanded a more thoughtful approach. Each level is designed to progressively test your agility and problem-solving skills. It's a straightforward concept, skillfully merging the classic brain teaser with novel elements that keep you captivated.

Feedback from fellow puzzle enthusiasts echoes a sentiment of ease into earlier levels, with a consensus forming around the gratification of conquering more intricate stages. While some have breezed through initial challenges, tagging them 'eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy', others appreciate the gradual curve that has them flexing their analytical muscles. By maintaining a sleek interface and intuitive gameplay, Inlogic Software ensures that players remain hooked, with many committing hours to mastering all 240 levels.

Delving into Ball Puzzle, trials and triumphs are interlaced seamlessly, offering a delightful balance of brainwork and recreation. If you enjoy this game, be sure not to miss out on other engaging titles like Magic Jewels, for a similarly captivating and stimulating experience.

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