Car Nabbing
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Game Description

Car Nabbing

The Cops are chasing you! You've to speed up your car to avoid a pullover! It's time for some real-world cops chasing scenarios to witness! It's the final lap of a multi-lap race, and you've positioned yourself in first place for an easy win. The Police show up to stop your winning streak when suddenly they decide that this is their chance! You're being chased by more than just one car now - there are two coming from each side. Luckily it seems like all six cars want something different: One wants you dead on sight so he can take over as leader; another has his eye set squarely on the second place, while three others hope only to get points rather than catch or kill anyone. This game is designed with moderate gaming mechanics. The sole goal here is to save yourself from getting caught by the Police! So speed up your car as fast as you can, but you have to keep an eye on the direction of travel as well. The Police are clever; they change the way they are chasing you! Don't just wait now. Go out and have an adrenaline rush by saving your car from the Cops! In this police car game, you are a police officer chasing down criminals and stopping them dead in their tracks. The Police will chase the criminals until they run out of gas or get caught... either way, you win! This police car racing game is great for boys and girls of all ages who want to play police action.

Game Developer: GamePix

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