Flappy Santa
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Flappy Santa

Do you know Flappy Bird? We have now Flappy Santa! How cool...

The Flappy Santa game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Flappy Santa Review

Digital Nomad Dave
Digital Nomad Dave


A Festive Flight with Flappy Santa


If you've ever fantasized about guiding a pixelated St. Nick through a series of treacherous obstacles, Flappy Santa has swooped into your life at just the right moment. Pulling inspiration from the frustratingly fun mechanics of a certain iconic bird game, this holiday spin adds a sprinkle of seasonal cheer to a familiar formula.

Pros: The experience of dashing through a snowy forest, helping Santa dodge looming trees and unexpected challenges, screams holiday spirit. Each successful pass through the seemingly endless array of obstacles gifts players with a satisfying sense of achievement – and isn't that what gift-giving season is all about?

Cons: While the concept is entertaining, some players might find the difficulty level a bit like getting coal in your stocking. The learning curve, much like the original flappy counterpart, can be steep for new players. But isn't overcoming hardship what the holidays are all about?

Overall, while Flappy Santa isn't the figgy pudding of the gaming world, it's a decent way to pass the time and spread a bit of joy. Plus, with scores that you can save right here on Play123, there's a sense of competition to keep things lively. So, if you've got the skills to deliver all his presents and win points, this might just be your kind of yuletide challenge!

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