Just Golf
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Game Description

Just Golf

You must drop the ball into the hole with the red flag. The plays are unlimited and you'll have guided aim to facilitate your shots. You can also use your skill to try to collect the 3 stars in each level!

Game Developer: GamePix

Just Golf Review



Engaging Puzzles on the Green with Just Golf


As someone who enjoys unwinding with casual sports titles, playing Just Golf turned out to be a delightful experience. The premise is simple: guide your golf ball into the hole marked with the red flag. Yet, there's a pleasant twist – aiming for the three stars on each level adds a light puzzle element to the playthrough.

The game features 210 levels, and their difficulty curves nicely, making it accessible for beginners and simultaneously challenging for seasoned players. The unlimited plays and the guided aim system were thoughtful inclusions, ensuring the game remained frustration-free. I noticed comments from fellow gamers who found the game to be 'super' and 'very addictive', resonating well with my own enjoyable experience.

For those interested, alternate gaming experiences like Super Soccer Star 2 also offer an engaging blend of sports and puzzles. Overall, Just Golf delivers a minimalist and fun gaming experience that's worth checking out for fans of the genre.

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super ce jeu !!! très addictif !!! merci clap


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