Match Adventure
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Game Description

Match Adventure

Meet the colorful and fun match-3 game - start your exciting journey together with Gemmy the squirrel! One day, waking up, the inhabitants of the forest found that at night someone has destroyed the entire forest edge, and now it is in desolation. But what's even worse - the brother of Gemmy the squirrel, Johnny, has disappeared. Help a small but brave squirrel to find her brother! The path will not be easy – you, along with Gemmy, need to talk to all the forest inhabitants, restore the events of last night and go on an adventure to other worlds. You, Gemmy, and her friends will travel from one world to another, learn new details about the mysterious disappearance of her brother and other characters, and get acquainted with the inhabitants of other worlds.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Game Comments

Its a cute game. Unfortunately there's a lot of instructions & they all look they're in German? Russian? Not sure really. I have no idea & that's what makes it hard. So if you can understand the language this could be a fun game ... it seems to be the same as other Match 3 type games like Garden Tales. surrender


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