Garden Tales
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Game Description

Garden Tales

So we have to match symbols from the nature in this game. The pairs have to be at least 3 and the same symbols, ofc. Our moves are limited. Power-Ups can help us to win a level just before we lose it. There are many levels which await us and a nice environment to play with.

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Garden Tales Review

James D
James D


A Fun and Challenging Puzzle Game for Garden Enthusiasts

I've been hooked on Garden Tales for a couple of weeks now, and it's been a fun journey. Gameplay is straightforward yet engaging, with plenty of vibrant graphics and exciting levels that keep you coming back for more match-three challenges.

The difficulty increments per level which is a fantastic feature keeping me enthralled. And hey, the power-ups! They are a life-saver when things get a little tough; these little additions make a big difference in getting that win on tight moves.

But the game isn't perfect. At times, the progression feels relatively slow, forcing me to replay some levels more than I'd care to. Aside from that, the advertisements popping up can interrupt the flow of gameplay which can be a bit annoying when you're on a roll.

Regardless, I am constantly finding myself swiping away to match colored items and boost my score! Garden Tales takes a creative approach to the classic match-three gameplay, making it one of the more addictive games in the free gaming platform scene. If you're into cute plant-themed puzzles, this is definitely worth checking out. A solid 4 out of 5 for me.
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Game Comments

For the last two days now, I have played this. Two boards last evening and one today with no score showing yet again! But the board moved up. Is anyone else having this problem? Good game but needs another TWEAK!

Game has resumed the points. Ty for that. For those who like goodies, perhaps traveling back through the lane you may find a few goodies hopping around. One click and it's like a candy store when you were a kid. rocks

Quite challenging when moving up 5 boards, unlocking a gate and then no boost in score. This game needs a MAJOR TWEAK!

far to many ads ,i know we had to have them ,nice game ruined ,because of them

Very similar to Yummy Tales. Except I am on level 600 there. It has become very challenging.

j'aime bien ce jeu

j'aime bien ce jeu clap

Cute graphics, though the game wants me to play it differently than the suggestions & I find that annoying. Good variety of levels for matching & moving objects to the bottom on the board. Very similar to some old flash games I used to play. yes


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