Candy Match
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Game Description

Candy Match

Candy Match is a superb match-three game in which you must try and match together a variety of delicious candies! You must try and complete each level and meet the required objectives. There are many levels to play, and it surely entertains you for a long time! Look out for candy combos that can give you a score boost and clear multiple candies at once. The graphics are cool and the gameplay is truly addictive. Can you show off your match-three skills and complete every level?

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Candy Match Review

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Sweet Puzzle Fun with a Few Sour Moments


I've spent some time playing Candy Match, swapping around colorful candies to meet my goals. It's what you'd expect from a match-three game—making rows of sweets disappear and chasing after that satisfying chain-reaction combo. I've enjoyed trying to beat all the levels, and the vibrant graphics do make it quite engaging.

Some fellow players have mentioned issues with being reset to the first level, which can be frustrating, especially when you’ve been collecting points for a long while. That said, the gameplay is enjoyable with a variety of levels that keep your brain buzzing as you figure out the best moves. It's like playing with your favorite candy, minus the sticky fingers!

Game Comments

why do i keep getting set back to level one this is not the first time. i had thousands of points and lost it all. same with candy crush. so effing irritting

To many ads

Why was I taken back to level 1 ? Grrrr


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