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What's better than a diamond? More diamonds!

The Bejeweled game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

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Woo Hoo! Just played Bejeweled Speed & got one of my best scores '202,300' rocks heart cool

No Babbs, that doesn't happen to me. What browser are you using to access the game? Maybe try another one to see if the same thing happens.

Playing a good game and then it bounces me to the home page with several games. This has happened several times and I have contact them about this issue but have never gotten a reply. Has anyone else have this happen to them?

oh... wrong one smile_xd LOL

588k yay!



administrator can you update this game so we can type our name on the leaderboard

This need to be upgraded so we can change our name...

I CANT PUT MY NAME!! (thats lame)

If a triangle has a base of 10 units and a height of 8 units, what is its area?

Now this game is making me refresh the page before it will put my score in the list. Just so you know....



Nice game smile

Okay, this is getting frustrating!! I have a GREAT game in progress and then all of a sudden it goes to this page and I loose the game I was in, I have to start another game...very frustrating! Anyone else having this problem?

This just started happening the last 2 to 3 times I played. I start a game (and I'm doing GREAT) and then it just goes to "Free Online Games page" and I can't get the same game back, I have to start over again. Very frustrating!
Anyone else having this problem?

@Littlesparrow2 - I've had a similar experience; I think there might be an algorithm in operation here. That's just a guess, but it's been cooking in my thoughts. I used regularly to get fairly high scores; then I reached a spectacular 4,621,550. WOW - but ever since then I've ony managed mostly silly low numbers. Maybe the only thing to be done about it is to leave off playing for a while?

Could someone tell me what's happening to this game : when I play Classic version I get a ridiculous score kind of 60 000 while I could reach 1 400 000 ! 60 000 is a score we can get on Speed version !!! Thanks for the one who will answer and may be tell me what to do ! Chantal

I think when it asks you to enter your name you're supposed to click on the "ok" and the game automatically enters your name and score on the daily achievement list. At least that's what it did for me today. gl all

Babs & Ms.Lenin you CAN'T put in your name & that's why PLAYER is unchangeable. Whatever name you use here @ P123 is the name & score that is saved. I think its unique that you can see the stats of your play for that game. dry

Ms.Lenin, I have same problem. Can't put anything in where "Player" is.

Very fun and addicting but I agree the flashing lights are a distraction,.

Ce jeu est très bien,merci.

I just tried to reply to Spiral1111 and a red bar came up preventing me from doing that. Disgusting to treat players like this. And yes, lots of games do not work and this site apparently couldn't care less.


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