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Treasures of the Mystic Sea
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Game description

Treasures of the Mystic Sea

Click to match 3 or more pirate-themed tiles in a row. Beat the clock to win this seafaring puzzle game!

Game comments

can anyone explain how you gain the 'helps' at the left hand side/ Telekinesis, chain lightening etc.

All levels completed. Super game!!!


268970 clap


My new record is 267271. rocks

250734 clap

Hev59 - Every slot youplayd shows your "current score". Write here the best of all.. Click on the X of every slot you want to clean rocks .

I'm not sure where to find my high score or how to delete for slot cleaning. confused

Hev59 - Press DELETE for slot cleaning. Pls put your h-score here surrender

Is this game no longer available? All of the slots I select are empty. blush


All levels done clap ! 238518

a lot messmurising ive gone cross eyed

wish I understood how to play this game. I click 3 tiles next to each other but nothing happens crazy

Bien ce jeu. smile

The score is on the top right side of the board when you select which island you're going to play. And, when the clock runs out you can always replay the island, just choose save & quit. You don't really quit the game entirely, it just takes you to the selection board. You can even play another island first before you go back to replay that one. Sometimes its better to replay a level differently than you did previously.

I'd just like to be able too see what my score was when the clock runs out????

This is a VERY TIME CONSUMING GAME. Wish I was able the save the level & come back & play @ that level another time. I almost finished the game, alas, I do have other things to do w/my life. Only 4 levels to go. surrender