Candy Rain 6
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Game Description

Candy Rain 6

Candy Rain is back with the 6th installation of this hallmark match 3 title. More fun than ever, more candy, more levels – and still absolutely calorie free! Make the candy rain! In Candy Rain 6 Game it is still your task to combine at least three of the delicious sweets to make them disappear. Keep matching until you reach the goal to advance! Make sure to earn three stars for each level to unlock the gates to even more levels. Collect candies, waffles and chests full of coins in Candy Rain 6 Game! Break free candies caught ice cubes, chocolate or sticky honey! If you match more than three candies of the same color. You will receive powerful items that will help you to reach the level goals in no time.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Candy Rain 6 Review

Kenji T
Kenji T


A Sweet Puzzle Adventure Awaits


I've recently taken a dive into the candy-coated world of Candy Rain 6, where the beams of sugary delights seem never-ending. It's like the familiar match-3 puzzle formula has donned a new, colorful coat of paint. With each level offering a tantalizing array of confectioneries to match and collect, I found myself immersed in a game that could keep my sweet tooth satiated for hours, without the real-world calories!

It feels a lot like Yummy Tales but with that extra sparkle in the graphics department. The clever challenges, like freeing candies from ice cubes and overcoming sticky honey traps, add a satisfying crunch to the gameplay. Some players have pondered where the final stage might be, indicating that the game boasts a lengthy and engaging journey. Occasionally, it brings to mind those cozy afternoons playing puzzle games, breezing through levels while time magically vanishes.

Overall, it's an amusing pastime, especially if you're after a casual game to sweeten your breaks. Still, it doesn't reinvent the wheel—or should I say, the candy wrapper—but it offers enough fun to keep your puzzle-solving mind entertained. If you're looking to make your days a bit more delightful, sprinkle some joy into your gaming with Candy Rain 6.

Game Comments

Does it ever end? What level?

Its very similar to Yummy Tales except better graphics. wierd

ce jeu est bien smile


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