Yummy Tales
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Game Description

Yummy Tales

Combine all the delicious vegetables and fruits to feed all the cute farm animals.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Game Comments

Finished level 909 There are no more levels.

Here is a screen shot: https://prnt.sc/8zYkOORTzA9s

Level 746 is a problem. You are to make 20 lateral things (4's) but the playing board is divided into two sections each of which is only 3 wide. I do not know of any way to create a string of 4 if you can only line up 3. You can earn a lateral blast but using it does not reduce the needed count (to complete the level.) So that is the end of the road.. Very disappointing after trudging through so much devious software engineering. (that's a different discussion.)

Je viens jouer de temps en temps quand je trouve le temps, mais j'ai du mal avec ces jeux car beaucoup de publicités.

I really don't get how the score is made. I've a low score for today but played a lot. the game is still the same one for the last four days. What starts and stops the score?

This game is almost identical to Garden Tales, Forest Match & Pool Party, just different theme & level accomplished voice. Thank goodness you can turn off the annoying music!


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