Garden Bloom
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Game Description

Garden Bloom

Here it comes! The ultimate Match-3 title! Welcome to the magnificent 'Garden Bloom'! Immerse yourself in the colorful garden and accompany Lucy on her exciting adventures! Match at least 3 flowers of the same color to get flowertastic results! The more you can merge, the more powerful the effect will be! Use mighty power-ups if you think you need help. On top of that you are able to decorate your own garden! How could it be any better? 2000 well designed levels will await you! So it's on you! Are you ready?

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Game Developer: Famobi

Garden Bloom Review

Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma


A Blossoming Match-3 Experience in Garden Bloom

Diving into Garden Bloom is a delightful experience. I found myself immersed in an array of colorful levels, accompanying the character Lucy on her garden adventures. Matching flowers to progress through over 2000 well-crafted stages kept me engaged, especially when strategizing to create powerful merges with the vibrantly hued flora. Sometimes, I had to rely on those mighty power-ups, which added an extra layer of excitement.

Having the chance to decorate my own garden space added a personal touch to the game, which was quite satisfying. However, I noticed some players mentioned challenges like the game restarting unexpectedly, suggesting there's still room for tweaks. Despite these few glitches, the opportunity to follow a storyline, repair things, and push onwards exemplified a gratifying journey. Overall, Garden Bloom offers an enchanting match-3 escapade that's sure to appeal to fans of the genre, with its flowertastic puzzles and engaging garden-building elements. For more Match-3 magic, you might enjoy a similar journey in Flower Power.

Game Comments

The score isn't cumulative - its a single level only no !

dommage il ne me restait qu'un niveau à finir mais on ne peut pas car les étoiles ne marquent plus à la fin !!! no

encore moi !!! pourquoi n'a t on pas toutes les étoiles à la fin du jeu ???

There's a glitch, when the game reaches level 14 or 15 it automatically reboots & you loose the level & begin again @ the beginning thumbdown no dry ...

The listed score isn't cumulative, that is the score completed for one round, so you could get it in the 2nd round & then not beat it til 20 rounds later or never. Your score is added every round, so if you can't play for a long time, its helpful. There's lots of following the storyline which is useless to playing the game & you can click through it, it does though make you repair things to continue to next round. unsure

l'étape 663 impossible à faire !!!! j adorais ce jeu dommage no

pourquoi ne peut on plus voir de pub pour nous aider ? GRRRR

j'ai galérée longtemps au stage 618

on ne gagne même pas d'étoiles sur ce long parcours pour avoir le dernier cactus !!! pas bien on se lasse

super jeu mais dommage trop long sans étoiles !!! la fleur trop longue à venir !!! no


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